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Best Street Fashion Styles in Milan Fashion Week

milan fashion weekIs about to end in Milan and today launched Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. While photographers just starting to capture the most stylish guests who are going to attend the show Carven , photos Milanese fashioner  can already be seen, inspired by fresh ideas and discuss fur Anna Dello Russo . I chose the 15 best street-style images from Men’s Fashion Week in Milan.

Men in plaid jackets, short pants, hats and colored socks could be enough to see a lot on the streets of Florence during men’s fashion show Pitti Uomo . In Milan, they were too, but we have focused our attention on the fairer sex. Besides the ubiquitous Anna Dello Russo (who was walking her striped coat and boots on a thick corrugated soles of Stella McCartney , colored coat Prada and Fendi and tweed total look from Dolce & Gabbana with a bag-bottle Chanel № 5 ), attention should be paid and Sarah Ann week milan 2014

She showed how to carry things for her boyfriend (of course, if you have the same size) and put on a shirt, tie, suit in a cage, gray coat and hat. Esther Quick also often favored elements of the male wardrobe. She has appeared on the streets of Milan in the dress, made ​​up of a jacket, jeans and sweaters green shades, as well as in red jacket with white trousers. Their images section director fashion magazine The Rake complement massive earrings and shoes with heels.street fashion in milan fashion week2

Fashion-blogger Eleanor Kariz for one of their images chosen bright striped slacks, bottom decorated with cartoon faces, and for the second – caramel-colored coat with a soft pink hue fur cap Chanel . Romantic Jeanne Daisy , as always, toured the streets of Milan on the bike. Fashioner  was spotted in a red coat, pink beret and black stiletto boats.

Its stylish images distinguished stylist and designer Natalia Goldenberg . She, like Rousseau, could not help but show off their coats Prada . In addition, Goldenberg was spotted in sand-colored coat with volumetric floral embroidery and delicate coat cells from Miu Miu , supplementing it with boots on grooved soles. Another fan of rough shoes – Carlotta Oddi . His shoes Stella McCartney girl wearing a coat in a cage and gray scarf with stars – get up to date grunge image.street fashion in milan fashion week

Theme bulk items supported Sherry Shen . Photographers caught fashioners in oversize bomber gentle blue color, with orange, beige and dark blue accents.

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