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How to Choose a Wedding Rings?

wedding ring

wedding ring

Wedding rings has been for centuries the symbol of love and fidelity. In most countries are worn on the ring finger of the left hand, we have – according to tradition, entered the Orthodox Church – on the right hand.

“Wedding ring – not just a decoration, Two Hearts One solution … “

The custom of putting a wedding ring on the ring finger is preserved from the time of the ancient Romans, who believed that wedding ring was within this finger is the called “vena amoris”  which goes straight to the heart.

Wedding Ring Who Will  Purchase?

Since ancient times, it was believed that wedding rings chooses and buys by the groom. But these days, the young are usually together visit to jewelry stores. Where once “tough decorated ‘is just a regular wide gold stripes, now a variety of options presented many puzzling.

The range is truly wide: elegant wedding rings thin and thick with lots of stones, simple classic and avant-garde, smooth and exquisitely carved, white gold, yellow and red, platinum, silver and combined.

wedding rings

wedding rings

On what is to stop? And the guide the choice of such a fundamental attribute of the wedding ring?

First, the price of no small importance. It can range from $500  for an easy ring up to several thousand dollars for the exclusive version. should not skimp on the engagement ring, as it should be every day to serve you for many years.

But choose a ring on the principle of “the most expensive – the best” also does not make sense. faced off in a tranquil setting several options,you will understand what is right for you! It may well be that inconspicuous in the window of a ring, it is quite acceptable for the price, will look spectacular on your hand and perfectly accentuate your style.

Second, pay attention to the complexion and the shape of the fingers bride. If you – tall and slim owner of long thin fingers, the massive ring with large stones will look at you pretty ridiculous, give preference to a narrow elegant ring, decorated with small stones. For girls “Few extra pounds” type with chubby fingers, on the contrary, a large wide ring will be appropriate.

wedding rings

wedding rings

Third, it is metal. most expensive and one of the cleanest is platinum, platinum rings but not everyone can afford.

The classic version – this is the ring of red gold. If in everyday life you prefer silver jewelry, it’s worth thinking about the ring in white gold, which will be in harmony with silver. Do not forget to pay attention to the test on the inner side of the ring, which tells the percentage of the precious metal in the alloy. most high gold fineness is 958.

Also, there are jewelry 750, 585, 500, 375 samples. Fourth, decide on the design. This can be as simple ring of smooth and corrugated unusual shape, with one or more stones or even without them. The choice is entirely up to you. But if you still stopped on a ring with a stone, then check if this is the stone.

One of the old reliable way is the following: Put a ring on his right hand and her left hand to zoom into the stone and hold it like that for a while. If you feel the warmth, serenity, comfort, feel free to purchase this wedding ring. But if you find that it blows from the cold, and the soul is anxious, then it is not your stone. Also, do not buy an engagement ring with a dark stone.

But what kind of stone to choose, will prompt national signs: Amethyst – a symbol of loneliness, Carnelian – brings happiness and peace of mind, Agate – promises a long life and good health, Garnet and Topaz – will pledge allegiance, Rubin – promises a passionate love Emerald – symbolizes a happy love, Well, a ring with a diamond will bring its owner everlasting love! However, this is only the signs! Although, in the pre-wedding days, we are all a bit superstitious.

You can also do the engraving on the rings, for example, to perpetuate a memorable date or you both each other’s  names. If you’ve already decided, it is still not in a hurry to run to the box office. Fit and remove the ring a few times. Remember that in the summer a little swollen fingers! Do not forget to ask the opinion of your match. If you have a different taste to the groom, it does not necessarily compromise their principles and choose exactly the same wedding ring.

Males tend to lean in favor of the classic versions. And if you want something special and custom, why not emphasize their individuality and choose what you prefer it? Finally, buying a wedding ring, do not forget to whisper: “On a good life, to certain family. Amen. ”

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