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Festive collection: the most spectacular underwear

Brand sexy underwear began to prepare for Christmas and New Year in advance, presenting public collection in November. Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, Intimissimi, Tezenis – Woman’s Day knows where to find the sexiest, bright and spectacular sets of underwear for the upcoming holidays!

underwear for Christmas 2014

underwear for Christmas 2014

New Year’s time – not the time to think about buying a corrective underwear . Treat yourself to a stunning and sexy set!

Traditionally, the most extensive and multi-faceted Christmas collection presented popular brand Victoria ‘ s Secret . Brand is famous for its unique ability to please even the most capricious and demanding girl. No wonder that even a capsule holiday collection is divided into sections sufficiently impressive, designed to induce the purchase of even doubting clients. The first part consists of a bra with push-apom pastel shades with romantic lace and bows. The second part includes a seductive model in red, pink and black with transparent inserts and frivolous ruffles. The third section is designed for the true femme fatale . Contrast combinations of black and white, as well as linen bold purple shades decorated with sequins, lace and leopard pattern.

underwear for Christmas 2014

underwear for Christmas 2014

underwear for Christmas 2014

underwear for Christmas 2014

underwear for Christmas 2014

underwear for Christmas 2014

Editions of Woman ‘ s Day liked best sexy, but at the same time fairly subdued kits. Red combination with mini-train of ruffles probably will like passionate and flirty girl. Dark blue bra with sequins and silver grace exactly create a truly festive mood. A black and white strapless bra exactly like girls who prefer classic elegant suits. In the collection of Victoria ‘ s Secret , you can even find a combination that resembles the classic evening tuxedo.


Women ‘Secret Christmas offered fairly subdued options underwear. Title festive collection speaks for itself – Night Suits . Brand designers focused on the home and clothing for us, which is more like the outfits for the publication. The main colors of the collection – a noble ink, silver, black and blue-gray.

under wear victoria's secret

under wear Victoria’s secret

The creators of the Christmas collection Women ‘Secret winter 2013 gave preference to the classic silhouettes and subdued shades. Bright pajamas with floral pattern refers to the so-called pajama trend: in this outfit is not ashamed to show the streets of Paris during Fashion Week. Brand designers say: “Even pajamas can be sexy!” As proof of this collection came satin set, reminiscent of strict male suit.

underwear-for-christmas-2014-7Brand La Senza has released a spectacular festive lingerie collection called “Carnival”. Most aggressively sexual and bright kits can be found here. Key colors of the collection are red and black, as well as predatory leopard print. Underwear model of festive collection adorns seductive lace or pick up the tone kit or contrasting with it. Not without juicy details: some items of the collection are decorated with rhinestones and delicate chains.

underwear for christmasUnlike New Year’s collection Victoria ‘ s Secret, on Christmas capsule Intimissimi included only two sets of underwear for girls. One of them is in red and includes bra with push-up and thong with geometric lace inserts. The second set was more restrained: bras and panties of a red-black lace decorated with white crystals. Worth special mention male part festive collection consisting of four pairs of boxers. Some of them are decorated with plastic figurine funny gingerbread man. This accessory is not ashamed to deprive men and wear at home as domestic short – Christmas mood provided!

By the way, designers Intimissimi this year have not stinted on capsule collections. Together with a series of Christmas lingerie brand in stores Received provocative line Luce , which included a seductive lingerie sets lining the chest and decorative lashes – in the best traditions of Agent Provocateur!

In a special collection of La Senza went bra, panties, corsets, bustiers, garters and body. Special attention should be given a variety of body and bustiers. One of them is decorated with bright accents of crimson satin and spicy chains.

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